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Busy Recollections Prevent the Development of Future Storytelling

11 November 1983

Hi. My name is Christina. I've had this journal since before I was legally old enough to buy scratch off lottery tickets, pornography or enter the military. Needless to say, I go in phases of whether or not I will update the journal. I did not update once in 2008 (that pisses me off - I wish I didn't overlook that but alas, can't go back in the past!)

I have 2 jobs - a full time job as the Program Director of the Cancer Services Program of Putnam County (we offer free breast, cervical and colorectal cancer screenings to uninsured men and women over 40) and a part time job doing consultant work with the PCDOH. I have my Master of Public Health. My grades were excellent and I was the ideal student at NYMC SPH (I was my department's TA, I won a scholarship for my internship performance, etc.), but I have been told by various programs that I can not start my doctorate until I get more work experience. Period. Everything else is great. So give me some time and you will be calling me Dr. Ventura.

More about me - I wouldn't call myself a general feminist, but I believe in women asserting themselves (not falling into traditional gender roles just because they prefer not to know better) and establishing a name for themselves independently. Sociological issues of gender and women in the workforce interest me.

Besides that, my interests are Cancer epidemiology and etiology. I have no interest in practicing clinical medicine and I believe that the real reason why the USA is so "healthy" is because of our superb public health practice and systems. And I just absolutely love being a part of that :). My dream is to have the loves of my life, Marty (Jack Russel, Chihuahua mix of 7 months), Holmesy (9 years old Tuxedo Cat) and Cindy Belle (5 year old Calico) live forever or at least as long as I do. I live in a house next to my parents that my parents own a la Everyone loves Raymond...but that makes things a lot harder than you think. I have been with Tim for a long time and even though we have our issues, I think we're going to be in this for the long haul.

Besides that, I'm just a type A, hard core dreamer. I'm a complex girl, which you're soon to find out by reading my entries. Happy reading!