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UPDATE yo [19 Jul 2013|11:02pm]
[ mood | satisfied ]

qUICKest update ever...

I am married to Tim aka Teebles
I have a gorgeous daughter born May 29th of this year named Valentina
I'm an adjunct professor now at Hunter and DCC - woohoo!
Starting my 4th yr of doctoral studies this fall - will focus on maternal/child health epi

WooHoo Hai LJ - hope all is well. Peoples

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[02 Feb 2012|12:16am]
wow....I wasn't even going to post in this anymore...but I found out that LJ is purging accounts that aren't used often and got worried about that, considering I've had this journal for so long!!

Well... my life has changed quite a bit since I last posted. I am in my 5th semester of doctoral studies... I actually submitted my first qualifying exam yesterday! I won't be truly jumping for joy until I find out that I passed, but thankfully, there is light at the end of the tunnel (including this semester, 6 classes left, my second exam and then dissertation time!)... it's uncanny to think of how time flies and how I am almost a 3rd year doctoral student. It seems like yesterday that I was still getting my MPH. Actually, it seems like yesterday that I started this journal and I hadn't even started college yet! Wow...!

Tim and I are going strong, better than ever :). He proposed to me on August 3rd of last year after being together for 4 years and 1 day. We are getting married on June 30, 2012 at the most gorgeous venue ever (at least to me...) Mountainview Manor in Glen Spey, NY . My color scheme is dark purple and light apple green, my MOH/bridesmaids are my sister Sara, Danielle Conroy (Contarino!), Michelley girl :), and Danielle Cothren. So awesome that I'm having people in my wedding party that I've known for so long... Tim's side is the same way. We're having a small wedding of 80 people total.... getting married in an interfaith ceremony on site. I can't believe I'm such an old fart that I'm getting married. My parents keep telling me to seriously considering dropping out a kid soon, since I live next door to them (they want to be free daycare!) I guess that's cool but I'm freaking out lately about the thought of being a parent. I guess...who doesn't?
Well, that's all for now. I'm tired...hopefully I will update this again before 3 years is up lol

Good night [04 Jun 2009|03:36am]
[ mood | chipper ]

I don't want to make it seem that I came back to this journal just to be negative. So I am making a point of coming on here to state some beautiful simplicity. My roomie, Tim and I went out to play pool and it was really fun and cool. I was a rabble-rouser as usual, poking my cue into the holes of the disgustingly old/soiled carpet because "it was cold" lol. We were next to these two spanish guys, one of which I nicknamed "the Bolivian Elvis" just because it was catchy lol. When we got home, we ended up hashing stories and bullshitting for about a half hour.

So it was a cool end to a semi-shitty day, and I'm glad I didn't decide just to go back to sleep. It's fun to go out and hang out . It sucked that I only ate 5 french fries and felt that my limit was reached. My ulcer is starting to get better so I don't want to risk it and take a chance by eating things I really shouldn't be and aggravate it again. It hurts but not as horribly as it was so I'm hoping that means it's getting better...

Anyway, it's so late and my eyelids are heavy. I just wanted to say that sometimes in the general darkness, it's important to realize that even those few glimmers of light are still glimmers - and overlooking them could do a lot more harm than good.


Unbelievable [02 Jun 2009|11:19pm]
[ mood | drained ]

I honestly can't believe that I'm on this thing. I really can't. Seriously. It's older than all of my animals (the journal, that is) and explicitly depicts things in my past, most of which I would like to pretend never happened. But alas, I am here and I am writing for some purpose to be disclosed at a later date. I am so hungry for an outlet to express all of my pent-up feelings and I recoil at the possibility of going to speak to someone educationally trained in the "listening for a small time frame" business. It's for a silly reason - I just don't want to pay the copay. If I am paying for something, I have a quirky habit of quantifying the value of what I just received. One of my guilty pleasures is saving $20 or more on a grocery order due to my perseverance and collection of both online and circular coupons. Yes, I'm 25 years old and I get my shits and giggles from coupons, not coach bags. But please, read on...

Keep going....Collapse )


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Bad Habit [12 Oct 2007|02:38am]
[ mood | awake ]

So, I need to stop wearing earrings with backings because whenever I scratch my ear, the backings pop off and I can't wear the stupid earrings anymore. I'm a creature of habit - besides my first hole, you will rarely see me change my other piercing jewelry unless necessary. It's not really necessary, you just don't really want to change it all the time lol. 11 piercings is a lot to keep up with :).
    So I forgot to remind my mother before going to sleep because she was doing God knows what errand, I have no clue, and I laid down at 8 pm and I woke up at 2 am. I forgot to pay my chase bill. All these bills and fees keep adding up, and it's really getting to me, not having a job that pays any money even though my entire work week is filled up to the brim. I have been working like 24 hours a week, to make up for the time that I missed with my cast. Add that to my 3 other classes, and the fact that I'll have another temporary job soon so I'll basically be a zombie. I really do need some money. I'm considering getting some type of Christmas mall job, even though I swear I know BETTER than that, if I give a specific set schedule, it's not like it will be that bad. I'll work at the Danbury Mall or something. Baby love works there so I guess misery loves company. I just want to be rid of these bills so badly, it stresses me out so much paying for past debt that I can't even remember how I racked up YEARS ago. I know that there are ways for me to immediately pay off Capital One and Orchard Bank, but I'm worried about how to even make a dent in Chase and MBNA. Chase is over 2k and MBNA is about 1700. See...I have NO clue how it became like this. In all honesty...I can see me having to work in a retarded store in the mall, ringing faggots up for like 8 bucks an hour, making fucking pennies, BEING IN GRADUATE SCHOOL....just so I can make a dent on these bills. The good thing is that my "nest egg" is in the bank, so if I did work, and I will be at least temporarily for the last 2 weeks of October, I would be able to put it all to bills.
    Considering I assume I'm decent looking (I didn't say hot lol I'm modest), skinny and very personable, I really think that I'd make a good bartender at a club. Unfortunately, the best bartending school (which happens to be one of the cheapest) is $250 for a 9-5 week, or 5 saturdays in a row. The thing that sucks is that I really can't commit to 5 straight saturdays in a row, not with that amazing Timothy by my side :D. I would love to get a job as a bartender at Boston Billards where he works, but he doesn't work there all that often lately. I wonder if he could talk to someone, see if I could be a shot girl?? IDK if he would like that lol. I am just so desperate for dignified cash. I have been considering trying the tutoring thing again, since I'm pretty good at it. I would charge 10 bucks an hour, and I could tutor HS anything, honestly. College Stats, Gen Chem I (I hate Gen Chem II, otherwise I'd say that too Lol), about intro level Epi shit (500 level)? I could do that as well...But, I only know how to advertise via Craigs list. Maybe if I could cut down some of my Admissions office hours, once I make up my shit, and then remain that I only have friday as my one fulltime day a week, I would able to fit another job in while not compromising my other classes. I know I could. I don't really have a choice. I pray that in 2008, I will be able to rid myself of this debt. Well, I don't see why not. When I get my MPH, I'm going to begin working immediately, and I'm going to start my DrPH next year. I think I'd have a year of Didatic (IDK what that word is, I forgot lol) classes anyway, so I should be making more than enough money to get rid of this silliness.
    So my apartment is just about ready!!! I need to start like organizing everything. Honestly, I was SO organized when I came home from Albany, and even extremely organized in my tiny room in Long Island. Unfortunately, every time I come back here, shit gets thrown all over, and I'm back to even finding where anything is. All my belongings are literally in piles in the garage. I'm not even looking forward to seeing whether or not my TV is still functional. I have NO clue where my remote would's just all in all a great situation. I do, however, plan on living here for quite a while. It's not going to be a short term thing. Until I get a job where maybe I could afford something else, but who knows? I really like the idea of this place. Tim said he'd be there like 3-4 days a week, so I was like 4 divided by 7 is more than .5, meaning you owe at least half the rent LOL. He was like "How about 20%???" I'm like OMG NO...Lol I said the second that you pay rent is the second that you are officially living with me. And I said, "I am NOT ready for that!!" In all honesty, there's a big part of me that is ready for that, and a huge part of me that just wants it to happen immediately, but I've been victim to the fools rush in thing, and I don't want to jinx this amazing thing that I have with him.
    We were at the mall 2 days ago (wed) and we walked by Zales or some jewelry place and goes, "Let's pick out some engagement rings" and I was like "WHOA RELAX" LOL he knows what I mean by relaxxxx. It was just funny that he even said that. It's actually really exciting to take things slow with a guy that I know has the same exact feelings and intentions with me. I stay in relationships and things for the long haul, and I take love and committment very seriously. I look forward to being a good lil' domestic for him in Putnam Lake, LOL but he is a VERY badass cook (I've had some of his stuff...wowie...but MINE IS STILL BETTER!!) haha. He doesn't mind doing the dishes, and he doesn't really like laundry, which means I can do his laundry (wee!!! If you know me, you will know how much I LOVEEE doing laundry). And I will have my washer/dryer right by my apartment. I hope they won't do apeshit loads of wash. That's the only shitty thing about living with someone else. When they leave their wet clothes in the washing machine, and you're like doubleu-tee-eff, I need to use this shizz lol. So I will have wireless internet, cable tv...uhhh, like the coolest stuff ever. I'm a tad worried about Holmes, and I've been considering getting another companion pet for him so he won't be lonely when I'm out working and/or at school. I don't know though...he is such an amazing, docile, angelic sweetheart, and I wouldn't want any other cat hurting him, trying to claim dominance over him or anything. Holmes is my soul, and I want to protect him but I also want him to be happy. We'll see.
    I laugh at the thought of my boyfriend having a key to my apartment. LOL I don't know....everyone keeps saying, "This could be THE ONE". It gives me this emotion that I can't explain, it's like seeing something new and amazing and beautiful for the first time and you don't want to lose it or anything to happen to it, so you're scared too. I guess that's the best way to say it. He really is a sweetheart...So that surprise we were all mentioning for the last month?? I GET IT TOMORROW NIGHT!!! WOOHOOO!!!!! I can't wait. I'm staying over his place in CT, me with my pimples and all LOL Idk wtf is wrong with my face lately, I feel 15 again ugh yuck. Between me and you, LJ, I hate that he lives in Central CT. I hope that it's a slow transition, but that he slowly but surely moves in with me. I really do wish that. I want it to be a gradual transition so he will know that it will work out between us. I'd say that I've made a good roommate in the past, but sleeping in the same bed with your burping, farting significant other might get annoying LOL. I don't know...I say, If I'm going to marry him, I'm going to be doing this my entire life anyway, so why rush it? And if I begin to think I'm not going to marry him ever...then wtf is he living at my apartment for??? LOL
    Ok I slept a long time but I wanted to go out to get an iced coffee and go teepz. I will update again after I get the surprise. I am going to a Queen coverband show at the civic center with Tim and Sara and Natsuki. Wee!!!! I Can't wait!!!! Lah dem!
PS, Since this is my Lj and I can say whatever I want.


HAHA! I said Lah you to him the other day and I swear on all that is holy that he said, "LOVE YOU TOO" LOL hmmm....I got really embarassed bc I knew he said it but it slipped. When he tells me for the first time that he loves me, it better be a production. So I brushed it off LOL. I could have seen him tonight but the weather was terrible and I was zoning out on the taconic, so I didn't. I will see him for the next 3 days straight, and like I said earlier, he will like LIVE with me soon. Lol, so...
OK, gnite time.
Yet another annoying FULL day of work in least I kinda have some shit to do? Whatevs.
Peace out, poops.     


[29 Jul 2007|04:07am]
The hardest thing to do is fall asleep in complete silence with my jaw literally creaking like a door hinge that needs to be sufficiently greased. It's like chinese water torture...except with real pain.

I think in absolutes... [17 Jan 2007|10:46pm]
Black & White

Gray is for weak people

Inspirational Bulletin: #1 for 2007 [01 Jan 2007|06:29am]
[ mood | Drowsy ]

I posted this on myspace...but I wanted to be sure that I retained it...I hope this inspires some of you as well! God bless you all!


So I suppose as part of one of my major New Year's Resolutions [[I have realistic ones...somewhat :)]], I decided to try to post one inspirational bulletin a week for the year. And because you have to start somewhere, I decided to start with this idea I got a few minutes ago when I was having a cigarette outside in the rain. I am attempting to inspire myself and remind myself of the true beautiful things in life....and I hope I can inspire a few of you as well in the process. God bless you


#1 --- Get a small sheet of paper and sit down for a couple minutes to do the following. Write down 5 things that you can do with 5 dollars this week. Just 5 bucks. Not more than that....where will 5 dollars take you this week? For me? It could be a sandwich at McDonalds, a couple of coffees at Dunkin Donuts, or a couple of Unsweetened Iced Teas at the gas station. Now pick your favorite charity or cause. What could they do with 5 dollars? Probably not much, right?
On the contrary, you'd be rather surprised. To me, 5 dollars is the change I throw in my console and my room that has been accumulating in my pants pockets. 5 dollars, just once a week, will not mean MUCH to you (of course, in times of financial distress, it will mean a lot to you, and this is not what I intend by this piece). Would the quality of your life significantly change if you sacrificed 5 dollars of your money every week? Would your quality of life be significantly altered if you didn't buy that value meal, or that pina colada smoothie with protein powder? Most will probably agree that these items are luxuries, and the majority of luxuries are unnecessary, although coveted by our desires.
Sacrificing this 5 dollars a week for a month comes to 20 dollars. Many charities can do a lot of significant things with 20 dollars. I remember this past summer, Omar and I went to Stop & Shop and bought 50 cans of Wet Cat Food and a bag of dry dog food for the DCSPCA, and it came to 20 dollars (with a little tax involved, of course). Now what is 20 x 12? 240! Can you honestly imagine what your favorite charity or cause can do for 240 dollars? I know that this would help pay for a lot of pet food, or assistance on adoption fees, or even new blankets and toys for the animals at the pound! This is just my favorite cause, of course, and you may have other causes in mind. The impact is just the same. That MINOR sacrifice of some of your wants can make a MAJOR impact on the lives of many. It doesn't take much...and believe me, it will both humble you and encourage you. Plus, I'm a big believer that good things happen to good people :). Try this for a month...and send a check or money order to your favorite charity. Or call up your favorite organization and see how far that money will take you. It's a small and relatively simple deed, that will strengthen your heart and your spirit and make you a better person all together.

If any of you plan to try this...even for just this month...let me know! God bless all of you and may this be your best year yet!

Christina <3
P.S. This was created entirely by myself, so if you love or hate any of my rantings, take it up with moi ;)

Hmm...Things....? [27 Dec 2006|09:16pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Michele is coming up to visit...FINALLY. Dayum, girl, I've known you for long enough Lol 'Bout time we hung out!!!

I was very happy Omar got to go to the Christmas service on Christmas eve at John 3:16. I was very happy about that. The family situation for Christmas left a lot to be desired. My parents are not doing very well at all. This isn't really news...but it leaves me a bit pensive.

I hate this "in-between" stage, seriously. Now that I'm done with Albany, I just want to be down in Poughkeepsie now. Not in between...up here because my stuff is here, but down there most of the time. I want Holmes and I to be downstate. I'm done up here...nothing is keeping me here. It's sad, because I really used to see a lot of potential for me to grow up here. A lot has happened to me up here, but I'm ready to move on.

I applied for like 4 PT jobs at Vassar Brothers Hospital. The schedule is absolutely perfect for me with my school, so I really hope it works out. I really want my grades to be sent to NYMC, so I can just register and get things going.

So I got an A in Biostatistics, and a B in both Health Policy and SAS. I should have done better in Health Policy, but she's a stickler for attendance and with my colonoscopy and my dr just didn't work out for my benefit. I could have done worse. The B is's not my concentration anyway. The A in biostats is going to take me a LONG way...still waiting for the Epi 501 grade. She's a bit of a push over (Dr. McNutt). It'll be good to put this behind me. I liked Albany, but it just isn't for me. I will always hold it fondly in my heart though (Enough with the sap story...)

I have a lot on my mind. I want to talk to a therapist about my anti-committment issues and also my anger issues. I really want to become a better person. Hopefully, for myself, and if I resolve this hatred for committment....then maybe I will be able to be a wonderful person to that Mr. Right someday. Hmm...I wonder if he's even reading this. I used to think he was...but I don't know anymore. I want to take a step to make myself better....I hope "he" does too.

Poo...I should go. Talk to you stinky poops later.


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Biblical Adventures Part I [09 Dec 2006|05:27pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

I am absolutely loving the book of Job lately. I let the Spirit guide me last night...and every passage that I was reading, both aloud to Omar and to myself, had to do with fearing God for punishment of your wrong doings...and INQUITY....why? Why was this reading aloud to me so strongly? I look forward to the sermon tomorrow...maybe it will help tie this all together.

Note to self: Yesterday, God spoke through me for the first time that I was aware of it. I was talking to Omar about things I can't even remember now...which sounds really bizarre, but even sermons I thought I wasn't paying attention, I had some power last night. I hope it had some power over Omar.

Cutting out headonism out of your life is difficult...but I'm learning slowly that it's worth it.
I sound like a freak..I'm sure.

But now that I'm listening to God's words...I can hear him speaking.

And those words are good :)

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Personal = Private [01 Nov 2006|09:20pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

From now on, all personal entries will be set to private. This just keeps my rants and my personal information separate. It works better that way. that is all <3


Explanation of My Current Journal... [27 Oct 2006|12:49pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

I was going to make a new journal account, and I still may do this in the future for what I am about to do (depending on whether or not I am dissatisfied with disorganization to the point that I actually want to obsessively do something about it). I have decided to document the inner musings of my mind that are eternally frustrating me in regards to the general public and their apathy for anything that could solace their so-called "misery". People whine about not being able to see God, but they aren't looking. People whine about their disease, and then bitch further about the side effects of the medication TREATING their disease. It seems futile, I know. Why plainly discuss something that does not retain a certain value of improvement; that is, why discuss something for which nothing will change? Precisely, I add. Nothing will change, because there is a certain unknown vestibule inside us all that secretly wants someone else to do IT for us, be it spiritual or tangible. But when that mountain is passed, there is no victory and achievement. Human society, especially young society (and for some of my discussion purposes, particularily young and adult women), have significant handicaps in enabling themselves to accept certain things for the way they are and to attempt to unveil the secrets for all other things not previously mentioned. It is for this that I will start to begin writing a xxx-weekly or xxx-monthly (depending on which particular event or person strikes me creative fancy) publication called "My Godly Disease", which deserves a fair warning for all those that may actually decide to glance over this. Firstly, it will have strong religious undertones, but only in a descriptive and autobiographical nature. I am not out to convert anyone, as I believe that converting someone only leads to creating "dumb sheep" as followers instead of true "believers". Secondly, you probably will not agree with the majority of what I am going to say. That is good! This will lead you to begin to question your own understandings, and possibly infer some educational undertones to your own situations. All this will be done without the unnecessary "Afterschool Special" foreshadowing to which you already think I am alluding. I will leave you with just this for now, as I have to come up with the best possible starting strategy for everything I must indulge to you, if no one else.


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By the way [18 Jul 2006|11:06am]
[ mood | melancholy ]

I want to vomit up my innards at the thought of living 5 hours away from Omar. No hyperventalatin', tia... :'(


Angelina Jolie [19 Jun 2006|05:56pm]
[ mood | curious ]

I just saw this as a headline on, and I just thought this was the silliest thing in the world. Am I the only one else that thinks Angelina Jolie is out of control? Is she going to be the hot old lady in the shoe with 3,000 kids? And I find it funny that she says what's best for Zahara and Maddox. She JUST received the beautiful gift of life from HER OWN BODY not too long ago, yet she's already talking about ADOPTING another child. Why? Because it's easier for her career and her schedule? Or maybe she just doesn't like being pregnant because she had a cesearian like every other hollywood diva is doing these days in order to avoid the "pain" of birth. When people OPT for a cesarian, it gets me really angry. If you have to, you have to. If pregnancy is inconvenient for you, don't bother. But yea, I find it really humorous that she JUST gave birth to a baby and she should be a gushing mother, but instead she's talking about how she already wants to adopt another child, not for all 3 of her children, but what would work best for her 2 adopted children. I mean, I just think it's silly. Whatever, I think she likes the media attention. I just thought it was funny that something this frivolous is a HEADLINE, and this silliness just embodies all of hollywood. Just generic idiocy. Although I do like a lot of what Jolie does, I just think she's getting too hollywood now for me

Jolie, Pitt Plan to Adopt Another Child
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Jun 19, 5:49 PM (ET)

(AP) Actress Angelina Jolie speaks during a visit to Port-au-Prince, Haiti in this Friday, Jan. 13, 2006...
Full Image

NEW YORK (AP) - Angelina Jolie says she and Brad Pitt, who have three children including a newborn daughter, are planning to adopt another child. "Next, we'll adopt," Jolie tells CNN's Anderson Cooper in an interview to air Tuesday on "Anderson Cooper 360" (10 p.m. EDT).

Jolie, 31, gave birth to daughter Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt in Namibia last month. The couple have two older children, 16-month-old Zahara, adopted from Ethiopia, and 4-year-old Maddox, adopted from Cambodia.

"We don't know which - which country. But we're looking at different countries," the actress tells Cooper. "And we're - I'm just - it's gonna be the balance of what would be best for Mad and for Z right now. It's, you know, another boy, another girl, which country, which race would fit best with the kids."

Both Maddox and Zahara's surnames have been legally changed to Jolie-Pitt after Pitt, 42, announced his intention to adopt the children.

The Jolie interview will air Tuesday as part of CNN's entire day of programming devoted to World Refugee Day.


[18 Jun 2006|03:27am]
sheesh....i forgot to tell everyone I am working full time at Arnoff Moving & Storage as a Call Center im cool i make lots of $ to spend on animals and omar..haha! <3

i am such a hormonal nutcase... [18 Jun 2006|03:17am]
[ mood | happy ]

pumped to the gills with lupron next shot is coming up soonles...anyway yea...i justwanted to say that i really fuckin love omar and i really could never imagine my life w/o him. youre my soulmate baby <333


[29 May 2006|12:32pm]
Fuck you, Endometriosis. Seriously

Oh, Say Can you....Say what???? [28 Apr 2006|10:11pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

I find it amazingly hilarious that we have such uproar regarding a spanish adaptation to the "Star Spangled Banner". Especially in our age of narrowed independence since September 11th, we are constantly redefining our national sense of unity under the word of "patriotism". It is a liquid word that is constantly changing under every challenge, every court case, and every mis/understanding, or all of the above. The recent release of a spanish version of the "Star Spangled Banner" (which is not just merely a translation of the original) has caused an uproar to which even the President of the United States has decided to attach himself. I would rather delve into the tackiness of American Society in regards to this issue, rather than my own personal feelings on the matter. I find that while personal opinions may add a sense of originality to a piece, it can also leave itself too biased to lend itself to be anything of academic value.
*+* First, I would like to explain the issue at hand first. The production company "Urban Box Office" is launching a song very closely based on the tune to the "Star Spangled Banner". Adam Kidron is spearheading this project, which features artists such as Pitbull and Wyclef Jean. It has been released and does sound closely like the original. The lyrics actually echo of the same meaning as the original-of brotherhood and unity. Although we have no official language in this country (no, my friends, it is not English), it seems that everyone including the CEO of America who holds America dear is angry about the singing of the "National Anthem" in a language other than which this country was formed with. The media is framing this story purposefully to create a buzz for the song, stating lyrics from the REMIX to be released in June, and not lyrics from the version that was played by most Hispanic stations tonight at 7 P.M. in solidarity for a united America. I found this quote by an average citizen from California, a state that happens to be heavily populated by Hispanics: "Bryanna Bevens of Hanford, Calif., who writes for the immigration-focused Web magazine, said the remix particularly upset her.--"It's very whiny. If you want to say all those things, by all means, put them on your poster board, but don't put them on the national anthem"." How "whiny" is this new version of our sacred anthem? Let's read the translation of the newly released "Spanish Star Spangled Banner"
*+* [[It dawns, can’t you see by the light of the dawn what we so hailed at nightfall? Its stars, its stripes floated yesterday in fierce combat as a sign of victory. [combat’s] glare [by the rhythm of liberty]. At night they said it is being defended. Oh say, does it still display its starred beauty over the land of the free, the sacred banner? [Its stars and its stripes] Freedom, we are equal. We are brothers. It’s our anthem. In fierce combat as a sign of victory combats glare [my people continue fighting] by the rhythm of libery [it’s time to break the chains.]]
*+* In all hilarity, it seems to be nearly equal to the original. It actually seems to be a little closer to modern English than the original vision is to our society now. (Does anyone know what a Rampart is nowadays, anyway?) There are slight symbols pointing to the pains immigrants feel in our country by being illegal, but if someone read that translation without previous knowledge of this story, it would be difficult to know that this was made as a pro-immigration protest song. I lack the understand of "whiny" here. In analyzing this article even further, I would like to invite you to visit So, let's, shall we?
*+* Suddenly, a spark of understanding envelops me as I visit the FAQs of the website. Is states, "How Can I Report an Illegal Alien?": and I will list the answer to this question below (as reported on the website):
*+* "[[[As illegal immigration continues unchecked in occupied America, the desperation level grows . . . especially among VDARE.COM readers. The number of emails we get from people trying to report illegal aliens is rising sharply once again.

Alas, VDARE.COM has no power to deport aliens (yet). But here’s our latest update on how to report them:

There is still no government web site for reporting illegal aliens to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), or its Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) division.

But a concerned citizen can make a report via telephone or in person based on the suggestions I’ve compiled here: FAQ – Report Illegal Aliens.

There is, of course, still no guarantee that the government will actually do anything with the information. But remember, every report generates some sort of record. And paper trails bother bureaucrats.

A private web site,, has now appeared charging would-be tipsters for what they could do for free on their own—picking up a telephone and calling (866) DHS-2ICE to "report suspicious activity"—(866) 347-2423.

Opinion is divided about this. It seems to me that complaints filed by a private “reporting service center” will have much less credibility if they are all from the same place, rather than from the actual complaining individual. The new “reporting service center” may be another novel way of separating people from $10 on the internet. Peter Brimelow is more tolerant and says it could serve a need—after all, who knew we needed $5 cappuccino from Starbucks?]]]"
*+* After reading this, I become angry. Not at the content of this, at all. It has nothing to do with me. I am more perturbed that USA Today would report an article with this woman's quote as its first piece of substantial evidence. A minor internet news site dedicated to the original members of the United States going back to the first born member of the United States that wasn't Native American (Victoria Dare)? This is more proof that this article is pure sensationalism. Let's continue in the butchering of this mainstream article.
*+* Another quote states the obvious: ""Would the French accept people singing the La Marseillaise in English as a sign of French patriotism? Of course not," said Mark Krikorian, head of the Washington-based Center for Immigration Studies, a think tank that supports tighter immigration controls." Well, would you expect the HEAD of an organization that supports tigether immigration controls to say anything different? The evidence in this article continues to destroy the credibility of this type of journalism.
*+* Something I find very humorous is the attachment of a quote by a man from the Smithsonian in regards to the history of interpretations of the Star Spangled Banner: "James Gardner, an associate director of the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History, said Americans have long enjoyed different interpretations of the Star Spangled Banner, including country or gospel arrangements". Why is there such an UPROAR regarding this version of the Star Spangled Banner? This is easy, folks...

Because It's in Spanish
Yup, that's it. Honestly, there is nothing actually offensive to American citizens in the song. The fact that our National Anthem is being interpreted in another language has the President making comments such as [["I think people who want to be a citizen of this country ought to learn English and they ought to learn to sing the national anthem in English," Bush said.]]. How many people actually know the National Anthem beyond the first verse (Yes, beyond "And the home of the brave!"). I know I do not. How do we define our country? Is this truly a matter of national attention that our President has to address? Speaking out against the National Boycott on Monday is one thing for the President to speak about, because it is a matter that will drastically affect our NATIONAL ECONOMY, citizens and non-citizens alike. But the actual new version of the national anthem? This is a recording that is MUCH less offensive than some 50 Cent Recordings (Check out the Original Version of "Best Friend"), DMX (Pick ANY Of his songs), or any of the other vulgar rappers that rap about achieving a brotherhood through "gats, bitches, and bentleys"? (This IS a whole 'nother topic, I know). But let's honestly compare one of these songs to the lyrics I posted above.
*+* Do you find the lyrics of the Spanish National Anthem to be MORE offensive than a typical rap song by Lil' Kim? Is an interpretation of the national anthem in a different language than the majority language honestly THAT much more offensive than the influx of ebonics-riddled music over our national radio waves? Would you say that one version of the Star Spangled Banner in Spanish is a larger threat to our current definition of patriotism (note the word current, as I stated earlier how liquid our understanding of 'Patriotism') and more importantly, our CULTURE, than the influx of violent video games riddled with prostitution and crime? A larger threat than the encouragement of young children to have sex earlier and earlier from our television shows, our music, AND our movies? A larger threat than the easier access our children have to predators, pornography, and other potentially hazardous and fatal items due to the widespread availability of all types of media? Instead, our president speaks out about this. Is it because we are afraid of angering the black man by speaking out against rap? Many black men do not even like rap! Is it because we are afraid of angering parents by encouraging them to watch their children more closely online? Most parents already monitor their children's activity online. THIS is not the point. Our president blantantly makes a statement against a growing demographic that will soon outNUMBER the majority RACE, the majority LANGUAGE. I will not state my opinion on this matter. It is futile to do so. My opinion can be positive OR negative, and it will not affect any of you significantly. I was not hired to tell the truth, as those in the media and the president were to do. It saddens me to see the media climb onto juggernauts that are biased (AND/OR) racist in certain respects. It doesn't matter what it is about. There are much LARGER threats to address in this country, if we are worried about the sanctity of our American culture. Just like patriotism has a liquid definition, so does "culture" as we know it today. And yes, it will change tomorrow.


Articles used for this entry:

*I Invite you to post all your comments and thoughts! And if you would really like to know my opinion on this issue, please ask. :)
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Sanctifying the Unknown Dead [24 Apr 2006|05:18pm]
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It seems to be a common trend with people between the ages of 13-24 especially, when someone within this age group [[ESPECIALLY a teenager]] dies unexpectedly and suddenly. This seems to apply more to unexpected and "cold blooded murder" (which I will call it now for the purposes of this discussion only), and not so much "suicide". I will define "cold blooded murder" in this discussion by saying a car accident [[not something that be prevented, or only can be in hindsight]] or an actual murder of someone by a killer who did not previously have a relationship of any kind with the victim. Why, as a young generation, do we sanctify the dead that we do not know? Why do we make assumptions that these people were completely innocent, pure, and worthy of adoration, and that their sudden death rectified any wrongs that they have made? What makes us think that these people attain a sort of posthumous sainthood just because of the way that they died? There are many psychological reasons to explain this.

*+* Before I go into detail any further, let me compare for you an instance for which I experienced and some of you reading this may have experienced as well. To avoid any controversy and disrespect for the souls who have departed, I will refer to the one who was "murdered" by a car accident as "Victim M" (M for Murder). I will refer to the one who accidentally committed suicide by calling this person "Victim S" (S for Suicide). Victim S had passed away on a Thursday after school. Victim M was killed on the afternoon of the next day, a Friday. While both deaths had happened nearly simulataneously, both were treated completely different. Also keep in mind that both of these students attended a Catholic School (it should be noted that the reader should do further research before going further if they are not aware of the Catholic Church's stance on Suicide). While the entire school mourned both of their deaths, the way they were treated posthumously differed by nearly 180 degrees. Victim M was venerated, was sanctified, was mourned, and like a soilder killed in the line of battle, had their locker decorated so much so that it was difficult to read how many signatures, gifts, balloons, etc. had really been given. There was no question on Victim M's death OR Victim M's life. All her mistakes, in turn, had been forgiven. It was nearly blasphemous to speak of any of the bad things she had done. What makes this even MORE interesting and worthy of discussion is the popularity of Victim M. Victim M immediately became the most popular person in the school, morbidly enough. Everyone was searching for memories, words, glances inside their minds to attach themselves to this tragedy. To be a part of the tragedy, but more so to be a part of the purity, sanctity, and honor that followed Victim M in death. Even more morbidly, people began digging up their yearbooks and looking for any pictures of her, and if they were even luckier, possibly a signature. The yearbook for that year came out for the seniors earlier than for anyone else that year, and I can specifically remember myself, as well as everyone else, digging through the yearbook and feeling their heart drop as they found various pictures of Victim M in the last year of her life. She had been sanctified. This was not the case for Victim S.

*+* Victim S suffered a far different fate posthumously. The locker for Victim S rarely had vistors surrounding it, and was decorated more so by those who personally knew of Victim S and loved Victim S rather than those who had latched on to the tragedy. To latch onto a tragedy such as suicide in a Catholic School as those had latched onto the tragedy of Victim M was impossible for a few reasons. First, it proved to be too much emotionally to fully immerse one's self into both of the tragedies. For most, this was the first major emotional toll regarding death of someone that wasn't old or stricken with illness. To embrace the tragedy of Victim S and Victim M was too difficult emotionally and psychologically. In order to keep one's sanity in place, every student that knew of both tragedies and did not know either Victim S or Victim M beyond an acquaintance mostly latched onto the tragedy of Victim M for this reason. It was easier because most people were doing the same-there were more people to comfort you because they knew how you were feeling. Second, to embrace a tragedy is to understand a tragedy. This type of suicide, albeit accidental, was unknown to almost all of the members of this school, and the nature of it, without getting too graphic or offending anyone who may have been personally touched by this tragedy, was very taboo in regards to the values embracing by a Catholic school. Many in class while asking questions about the death had said that "maybe Victim S deserved to die if Victim S was doing something so stupid" or "Why would anyone be doing something like that anyway?" They equated Victim S' type of suicide to an overdose on drugs (because of the type of suicide it was), and psychologically, society looks down on drug addicts and looks negatively upon those who kill themselves by overdosing on drugs as either "headonists", "lazy", "worthless", etc. During the mass to celebrate both of their lives, the parents of Victim M were embraced by the community and their tears were our tears. The parents of Victim S, who were also there on the other hand, were very obviously shunned from the sympathy of the community. It was almost a storybook depiction-One family was embraced by the community, the other banished. Of course, real life never proves to be this dramatic, but in retrospect, it seems quite obvious to me now.

*+* In Conclusion, the tragedies of Victim S and Victim M(which I assure you is a 100% true story that I had experienced in my own life) present the perfect dicothomy that exists in young America regarding this sanctity of victims of "someone else's hand". Using logical reasoning and quantitative analysis, it would seem to me that, regardless of religous creed and/or morals, those that committ suicide should be embraced more by the community because they feel at fault (as all suicides can be prevented) and the lesson of his or her death can be taught to the community and hopefully educate and prevent it from occuring again. The tragedy of those that are murdered "Accidentally" can ONLY be mourned for the fact that their deaths could not have been prevented in any way possible AND educating the community about these type of deaths can not and will not be able to help prevent another type of this death from occuring because it was an ACCIDENT or an UNPRECEDENTED EVENT. In reality, it is the other way around.

*+* Society feels embarassed when a young life is lost that could have been prevented. When they hold the fault in their hands of a child's death, they are more angry than sorrowful, looking for blame instead of looking for peace. While they usually feel that the parents are most responsible (hence, why the parents of Victim S were shunned), society mourns its poor choices in ignoring the plights of this young person, rather than mourning the actual life that was lost. While this may vary case to case, psychologically, this seems to be the face.

*+* Accidental deaths present a paradox that questions the very morality of our soul. While we are devestated that this young person has lost their life either by murder, car accident, or some other type of unpreventable accident, we are relieved that this random act of fate has not taken our very own lives. For accidents are just that, and the only requirements to be involved in an accident is to be at the right place at the right time. They are not preventable, and no one can avoid them. We mourn the horrible luck the victim has, but more importantly, it makes us think twice about being alone, driving at night or during inclement weather, and from the affect of these accidental deaths, we learn how to live our lives safer so we can avoid this type of death ourselves. We also like to attach ourselves to others, and receive affection from others without having to put forth that much effort. Uniting under a tragedy like this, even if people do not know the victim personally, provides a possiblity for people to unite, make new friends, and create bonds that otherwise may have never been created. While this is not the case for every person mourning a victim of accidental death, it seems to be for those who adhere to this phenomenon.

*+* This entry was inspired by the multiple posts on myspace about a 17-year old girl who was murdered last week by the name of Anna Svidersky in Vancouver, Washington. She was supposedly murdered on the job while eating by a man who had not previously known her, and a motive for the murder has not yet been discovered. The phenomenon that is myspace is bewildering enough, but the capabilities of myspace as a vehicle for promoting this "Sanctification of the Unknown Dead" Phenomenon is reaching limits previously unheard of and unseen in any digital portal capabilities ever. In the example mentioned above, the news of Victim M only spread by numerous effects from outspoken members of the community, a scholarship fund created in Victim M's name, and continuous run-ins of the law by the person responsible for the death of Victim M. This took many months, and by the time it spread far enough, the intial shock value had worn off and its spreading power had died down. Suicide victims such as Stephanie Kinghorn had gained national notoriety because of her posthumous feature in YM regarding her short life and death, and such examples have shown the power of the national printed word in educating the public against preventable deaths. The spreadings of the news of Svidersky's death is spreading quicker than lightning, with those posting titles such as "This is horrible" and "You have to be COLD not to repost this!" to once again give proof to my theory of the "Santification of the Unknown Dead". Especially on myspace, which is based on "befriending" people that they will never truly meet and/or know. I will post the bulletin below for you to visually understand this phenomenon (that, unless I am wrong, is a theory that I own and have formulated):

Please Click Here to View the Actual Bulletin for Anna SviderskyCollapse ) I would like to know your opinions. Besides analyzing the actual effect, what elements did the author of this bulletin use to draw sympathy from those who did not know this girl? What is your opinion on this type of bulletin? Do you feel sad after seeing this bulletin? And if so, what do you suppose makes you mourn for someone you have never met before? I would like your feedback on this entry. Thank you for your time.


I don't have a LJ account, and frankly don't have time to devote to another online community. I have some comments though.

This seems to me to be part of the 'victimhood' craze that has been sweeping America for about 50 or so years. It is increasing in intensity almost every day.

Anyone who can find a way to cast themself as a victim is instantly beyond reproach. Anyone who can somehow attach themself to a victim is somehow a better person for it. It shouldn't work, but it does.

Eminem can say the n-word because he is friends with people who can use that word because they are victims of that word.

Every liberal newspaper (redundant much) had nasty things to say about Pope John Paul II until he died. Then they couldn't find enough nice things to say about him.

Does it make sense? Not really.

Now I would like to add one thing to the odd reactions people have after a suicide. Because people are led to believe that ALL suicides are preventable, nobody wants to admit knowing the victim. To admit knowing them is to accept guilt for their death - because if you knew them you should have been able to prevent the suicide. Other preventable deaths are different; for example, if somebody dies of heart disease because there were no available hearts - or if they didn't have the insurance to pay for the operation - nobody in their circle of friends could be considered culpable for their death. Then people can mourn openly without the stigma that unfortunately follows suicide mourners.

To wrap up, I blame education that tells teenagers that they should look for the signs of suicidal behaviour in their friends for this sick and twisted dichotomy.

I have to go back to work now - I'm on my dinner break, I'm pulling a 16 hour day here. Hope this helps, and sorry I can't post it on LJ.


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